Vertical CNC machine tool

The castings of the machine tool are all made of HT300 cast iron, quenched and aging treatment, the overall stability of the machine tool is good, the strength is high, and the various precisions are stable and reliable.The spindle system of the machine tool is imported from Taiwan's professional supporting manufacturers, and all important parts have been strengthened.

Carving machine

Integral casting machine body, quenching aging treatment, the overall stability of the machine tool,The machine tool sheet metal adopts the overall design and installation method,high strength, stable and reliable precision.Humanized man-machine interface

Multi-head carving milling machine

The worktable adopts a longitudinal multi-dimensional angle heavy bearing design, which improves the bearing capacity and processing stability.The machine tool adopts a protective room that meets safety standards,Chain type chip conveyor has large conveying capacity, low noise, and is equipped with overload protection device

Dragon-gate carving milling machine

It is suitable for precision processing of large workpieces such as aerospace, automobile, textile machinery, molds, packaging machinery, mining equipment, etc. It can automatically complete complex processing of multiple processes such as drilling, milling, boring, and tapping.

Quality system

Through ISO9001 quality management certification and ce certification,unswervingly strictly implement the provisions of the international quality standards system

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CREE CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

The company is specialized in high-precision CNC engraving machine tools, processing centers, high-stability cnc system research and production of high-tech enterprises. Has a strong technical strength and production capacity.

The company's strong scientific and technological strength and rich professional experience, from design to installation operations, are excellent, with good reputation and quality service by the vast number of users and well-known enterprises.

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